• Orient-Institut Beirut, Workshop: Postcolonial Legacies, Scholarly Mobility and Research Capacity (June) – invited paper: ‘Empire of Scholars: tracing academic networks and mobilities in the British empire’
  • University of Sydney, Comparative & International Research Seminar (June) – invited paper: ‘Universities Flex their muscles: Educational travel and international expertise in the 1920s’


  • University of Birmingham, Joint History Seminar (Dec) – invited paper: ‘Great Gatsby Gap Year: The Floating University and the politics of knowing in America and the interwar world’
  • University of Zurich, Geschichtskontor Seminar (Nov) – invited paper: ‘How to know the world: the Floating University and the politics of knowledge in the era of American internationalism’
  • Higher Education Society UK Annual Conference (Nov) – ‘The Floating University as pedagogic experiment’
  • University of Oxford, Rothermere American Institute (Nov) – invited paper: ‘The Floating University and the Politics of Knowing: Interwar America and the World’
  • Australian Historical Association Annual Conference (July) – conference paper: ‘Bodies at Sea during the migration boom, 1850-1870s’
  • Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR) Annual Conference (June) – conference paper: ‘The Holland-Amerika Line and the Third-Class Student Market in the 1920s’


  • University of Melbourne, Workshop: The Social Life of the University (Nov) – invited paper: ‘The Global University’
  • University of Manchester (Nov) – invited lecture: ‘New Histories of the University’
  • Monash University, History Seminar (Oct) – invited paper: ‘The Floating University’
  • Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences & Lund University, Scandinavian conference in the history of science and technology (April) – invited keynote: ‘Into the world: writing university history in a global age’


  • Universität Heidelberg, Historisches Seminar (Dec) – invited lecture: ‘Bodies at Sea’
  • Northumbria University Newcastle UK, Workshop: Education and Internationalism (Dec) – invited lecture: ‘The Floating University: educational travel and international politics’
  • International Standing Conference on the History of Education (June) – invited paper: ‘Mobilising knowledge, World War One and the University of Sydney’
  • Université de Geneve, Workshop: Exchange programmes in the 20th Century (Dec) – invited paper: ‘The Rhodes Scholarships, 1903-2013’
  • University of Melbourne, Australia and the World Public Lecture (Nov) – invited lecture, ‘The Khaki common room: Australian academic networks and the Great War’
  • University of Sydney, Workshop: ‘War and Peace: universities and the First World War’ (March) – invited keynote: ‘The Khaki Common Room: academic networks and the First World War’